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Welcome to Ultimate Strength; the blog where we'll be talking about getting huge and nothing else!

Right now, the most popular goal among young men and women is getting "functionally" strong and developing a lean, aesthetically appealing physique. These are definitely great goals to have, and we wouldn't for one second suggest that someone should try to change their body in a way that wasn't conducive to long-term health and happiness. 

As more people shifted their goals towards developing lean, functional, healthy bodies, the old desire to get HUGE seems to have fallen by the wayside. 

Not for us!

There are plenty of blogs out there dedicated to "functional strength" and getting lean, but fewer and fewer dedicated to getting as big and as strong as possible!

That's why we've decided to create this blog; to share our collective knowledge on how to get swole in a natural, sustainable way.

We aren't going to discuss ways to avoid shoulder injuries, how to become more flexible, or how to keep cholesterol down. Again, these are very important things to consider when designing your diet and training plans. But we know they are covered properly elsewhere on the internet. 

Instead, we are going to focus exclusively on hypertrophy. 

Our blog will provide tips on how to:

  • Eat to get big
  • Train to stimulate maximum hypertrophy
  • Keep gaining muscle over the long-term
  • Boost recovery
  • Train to appear as big and muscular as possible

We'll cover specific movements for generating stress on muscles that may be lagging. 

We'll cover ideal rep ranges and training frequencies for stimulating growth. 

And we'll tell you how you really need to eat to gain size - SPOILER: FORGET ABOUT PROTEIN SHAKES!